Luckily, the jokes weren’t really about the Nationals. They also weren’t really jokes, in the funny sense, but whatever. Here ya go:

Larry King’s gonna throw out a ceremonial first pitch at the Washington Nationals game on Saturday. And then afterwards — this is kind of cool — they’re gonna bury him under the pitcher’s mound.

The Nationals asked President Obama to throw out the first pitch at today’s game, but he declined, because he’s a Muslim that hates America’s national pastime. Either that or he’s busy with Libya, I’m not sure.

So instead, the Nationals gave the honor of the first pitch to five officers representing each of the five branches of the military. Now here they are: Army, Navy, Air Force, Marines and Coast Guard, too. A nd they all got to go out on the field and throw out the fist pitch, which is a pretty cool thing.

At which point we got the shot of the ceremonial catcher getting pelted with five first pitches.

But no jokes about spelling mistakes.

(Via Nationals Buzz)