The Cubs, perhaps tired of losing, got a little feisty with the Nats and shenanigans ensued.

To start things off, Cubs bench coach Jamie Quirk decided to shout sweet nothings to Nats third base coach Bo Porter. Bo wasn’t having any of it and stopped by the visitors dugout to say so.

Benches cleared, bullpens marched out, people got all yelly and Quirk was ejected, but it was pretty tame.

But of course the leadoff hitter for the Nats the next inning was Bryce Harper, and of course Cubs pitcher Lendy Castillo threw at Harper, and of course Harper was all “Oh really, [bad word]” and benches cleared again. This time things got real (more video after the jump):

As you can see, there was some pushing, lots of posturing and quite a bit of Michael Morse hair flying around.

Cubs catcher Steve Clevenger, Cubs reliever Manny Corpus and Nats reliever Michael Gonzalez were ejected and both dugouts were given warnings.

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