In early May, the Nats offered Dollar Monday, an event featuring $1 tickets, $1 hot dogs, $1 peanuts, $1 popcorn and $1 parking.

“It’s an opportunity to create some buzz and get people talking,” Nats COO Andy Feffer told me at the time. “We should do that throughout the season in different ways, with different partners and different ideas. We’ll get feedback from our fans — I assume they’ll love it – but what did you like about it, what would you like to see? That information helps us do more of this type of thing.”

Well, the feedback from the wallets indicated that the dollar dogs were the real winners. The attendance for Dollar Monday (against the Pirates) was 21,500, and those people combined to eat more than 16,500 dollar dogs. Or to buy that many, anyhow. Can’t guarantee they were all eaten.

So in response, the club is bringing back Dollar Dogs Wednesday night. Fans “will have the opportunity to purchase hot dogs for $1 at select participating concession stands and carts, while supplies last,” the club announced this week. I was told that they’re expecting to sell as many or more dogs this time than they did last month.

Plus, you might get to see a crazy win.