That was when I was documenting the new and popular celebration, “Hug Harper After Homers.” And the hugging continued Wednesday in New York, when Michael Morse homered to the opposite field and then gave Bryce a big bear hug. He’s like the official post-home run teddy bear.

(There’s a Bryce-hugging GIF here, if you’d like.)

But there’s another new celebration mixed into the New York sweep; the low five (or “low tens,” as F.P. Santangelo called it.)

It doesn’t seem to apply to every Nat, but when certain fellas hit home runs, they are rewarded with low-low hand slaps. This happened with two Adam LaRoche homers in New York, plus with Morse’s blast. Several images are below.

And just add this to the list of other celebrations. This list right here.


Nats celebrate with helmet snatching

Nats celebrate with Ga­tor­ade splash

Nats celebrate with deer antlers

Nats celebrate with Harper Hugs