1) Two different reporters have covered the issue in the past week, making it very hot right now. First Amy K. Nelson did a YouTube video with Drew Storen, featuring much yoga, and then Amanda Comak wrote about the Nats yoga craze for the Washington Times. Excerpt:

[Danny] Espinosa, who can now sit with his legs flat on the ground in front of him and fold his body in half so that his chest rests directly on his thighs, started taking the classes this winter at the urging of an old coach and fitness instructor in Southern California.

But he’s hardly alone in the Nationals’ clubhouse. Stephen Strasburg, Drew Storen and Bryce Harper also are among yoga devotees, with Harper and Storen big believers in Espinosa’s preferred Bikram yoga — a class that’s held in a room kept at 115 degrees.

Like I said, so hot right now.

But more importantly, check out the headband Storen sports during his yoga sessions, via Nelson’s piece. That’s quite a look.

Below, Tyler Clippard shows off something or other.