Never let it be said that Mike Rizzo doesn’t have good taste. On the GM’s most important night of the year, when he was choosing three players who might help alter the future of his franchise, Rizzo was fueled by food from We The Pizza, Spike Mendelsohn’s Capitol Hill joint. That’s serious drafting food.

(Lunch, incidentally, was “steak, shrimp and crab cakes from Jerry’s Seafood,” while snacks included “granola bars, Oreo cookies, gum, mints and M&Ms” in three varieties.

That, and other behind-the-scene nuggets, were described by Nats PR boss John Dever’s draft night blog, which also included these bits of intel:

1) Before the draft, Dever prepared “The Nats draft....” press releases for four different players. They were all gone within the first five picks. Anthony Rendon was not among them. This was a legit surprise.

2) According to Dever, he was given the names of Alex Meyer and Brian Goodwin when the draft was still in the teens, for possible press release purposes. The Nats got both guys, with the 23rd and 34th picks.

3) After those picks, assistant GM Roy Clark had “a country grin on his face. Like he stole something, has it and knows he got away with it.”

4) Dever had to send his press releases to Rizzo and Mark Lerner for approval. Mark Lerner approves press releases about newly drafted players? Do all owners do this?

5) Here’s how Dever described Rizzo, Clark and Kris Kline: “They are our Sun and everything else revolves around them.” Funny enough, I feel the same way about my editors.