We’ve touched on the pedigree of Nationals first-round pick Lucas Giolito and his connection to Hollywood. In case you missed it, once again from Kilgore’s draft-day piece:

If Giolito becomes a star, it will not be new to his family. His father, Rick Giolito, is an actor who had turns on “As The World Turns” and “Who’s The Boss” and is a producer. His mother, Lindsay Frost, has appeared in a handful of movies and TV shows, including “Lost,” “Without A Trace” and “Boston Legal.” His uncle, Mark Frost, co-created “Twin Peaks.”

In a phone conversation today with Holden and Danny of 106.7 The Fan, Giolito recalls accidentally seeing his mom in a love scene on TV.

“One time I was playing baseball in Cooperstown with my travel team a little while back,” he said. “And we were all flipping channels on the little TV in our, I guess you could say it’s kind of like a dorm room with a bunch of little beds, and we were all just hanging out flipping channels. And then my mom comes on, and she’s, I don’t know, I don’t really remember what show it was. I think it was a television movie. But she was in some romantic relationship with some man. It was very odd.

 “Obviously I know acting and I respect acting and everything,” he continued. “But it was so funny. The whole team was making fun of me, with my mom, like, kissing this random actor I’ve never seen before and stuff. It was so funny.”

I have to say, he handled it better than most kids would after seeing video evidence of a parent in a romantic situation.

Here is the audio of the full interview: