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That means that sports bloggers are absolutely allowed to post fun, light and quirky stories about the team and its players, the sort of items that fans reject when baseball teams are losing 100 games a year.

Like what? Well, like super sub Chad Tracy — the hero of the Nats’ opening weekend — dubbing the team’s bench players “The Goon Squad.” That nickname comes via a Tracy conversation with MASN’s F.P. Santangelo, who then relayed it during Sunday’s broadcast. No further details are available yet, but you can bet they will be soon.

Or there’s the line leadoff hitter Ian Desmond delivered to the MASN team when asked about his aggressive leadoff approach.

“I’m not gonna sit up there and let him get ahead of me; I’m gonna be aggressive from the first pitch and be ready to hit,” Desmond said last week.

“I feel like the rest of the league knows that you’re not the prototypical leadoff hitter,” Santangelo responded. “And I mean that in a good way, that you’re very aggressive at the plate. Not looking for walks, looking to rake.”

“Yeah, you know, I’m up there ready to party,” was Desmond’s memorable reply. “It’s not about taking pitches down the middle. You know, I’m gonna be aggressive. I mean, the secret’s out. I don’t think I’m gonna surprise anybody. I’m ready to hit.”

Sure you are, but “ready to party” is much better. Anyhow, put “Goon Squad” and “Ready to Party” next to “Natitude!” and “Nats Town!” as catch phrases that fans can use either in good situations or bad this season, based on circumstances.

(Goon Squad via @ClintonYates; “Ready to party” first blogged by Dan Kolko.)