(Jonathan Newton)

And yes, it’s about the worst weather you could imagine for March 31, and no, I don’t blame even hardcore fans for thinking about skipping this, and no, I’m not a baseball-hating meanie, and yes, I do plan on braving the elements myself, at least long enough to try the grilled cheese on Texas Toast.

* According to TiqIQ (via Mister Irrelevant), the Nats have the lowest average Opening Day ticket on the secondary market in Major League Baseball. These stats show the average at $46, or less than an eighth of the average price in Boston.

* TiqIQ also powers The Post’s new ticketing platform, and the stats they sent me as part of that relationship are somewhat different, showing an average price of $57.28 on the secondary market, which would actually only be the third-lowest in baseball. Still, the headline is the decrease from last year, when Opening Day prices averaged $172.39. That’s a 67 percent decrease. The release I received says the difference is “mostly because it was Roy Halladay’s first start and the Phillies fans invasion.”

* Speaking of which, “The highest priced home game from last year was Strasburg’s first start with an average ticket price of $86.72, compared to this season’s highest average price game, which is against the Phillies August 19th ($69.29).”

* The company also reports that “the average inventory on the secondary market is 3,594 tickets, which comprises about 8.5% of National Park seating.”

* “The most anticipated road game has to be Werth’s return to Philly, which has an average ticket price of $92.66, which is actually 16.8% below the Phillies season average.”

* As for Thursday’s weather-plagued Opener, StubHub has prices starting at $1, which is pretty cheap for Opening Day, I think. I’m typing this shortly before 10 a.m., and there are more than 100 tickets priced at less than $2, and about 500 tickets priced at less than $5. Still have a few hours to act, if the weather turns.