After at least two recent home runs, Michael Morse has started flinging pieces of bubble gum in the dugout. This now makes 87.5 percent of Nats celebrations that heavily involve Morse. He’s basically just a full-time celebration smile hug party.

Anyhow, on Saturday, Danny Espinosa hit a home run and Morse (?) chucked two buckets full of gum. (Pictures here.)

Then on Wednesday, Gio Gonzalez hit his first career home run. Chad Tracy removed his helmet. And Morse — identified by his trademark black wrist wraps — showered him with gum.

Bubble hasn’t burst yet, folks. This team is stickin’ around. Chew on that. And, um, brush up on the playoff schedule. More gum pictures below.


Nats celebrate with helmet snatching

Nats celebrate with Ga­tor­ade splash

Nats celebrate with deer antlers

Nats celebrate with Harper Hugs

Nats celebrate with low tens