Anyhow, another new celebration appears to have been on display Monday night in New York: the Bryce Harper hug.

First Harper hit a home run, and — with a several-step approach — was given a nice big hug from recent call-up Corey Brown. See above, and below.

Then Michael Morse homered in extra innings. He walked the length of the dugout, slapping five and whatnot. An arm came out, and grabbed Morse’s attention. Like, forcibly seized hold of the outfielder.

It was Harper, demanding something more than a mere five. And he got it. That’s below, too.

I would promise to ask players about this development, but by the time the Nats return home, they’re likely to be doing Ukrainian folk dances in the dugout after home runs.

(Inspired by @RecordsandRadio and @Bagace.)


Nats celebrate with helmet snatching

Nats celebrate with Ga­tor­ade splash

Nats celebrate with deer antlers