If you’re one of the traditionalists who feel like your Nats ticket is turning into a food court entrance fee, stop reading. The Nats have announced even more new food choices for Nats Park, adding to the list of dishes from last week.

This round includes:

· Buffalo and BLT Hot Dogs, Sweet Frites, a Curry Specialty Sauce and Individual Fried Pies at Box Frites

· Barbacoa or Vegetarian folded Quesadillas and Churros at El Verano Taquería

· Fried Chicken Sandwich from Blue Smoke

They have also introduced an incentive program in case you need to be convinced that eating individual fried pies is a good idea.

It’s called “Eat For The Cycle” and all you have to do to play is eat. It’s a courageous promotion in this climate of health awareness. From the release:

· Guests can pick up their “Eat for the Cycle” punch cards while supplies last at any of the following in-park eateries: Shake Shack, Blue Smoke, Box Frites and El Verano Taquería

· Each time a guest makes a purchase of $7 or more from each eatery, their card will be stamped

· Once a guest completes the cycle by receiving all four stamps during the promotion, the card can be redeemed at any of the participating eateries for a Nationals baseball hat and a choice of one of the following sweet treats:

- One Double Dip Cup from Shake Shack

- One Blue Smoke Salty Peanut-Jalapeño Chocolate Bar

- One Fried Pie from Box Frites

- One order of Churros from El Verano Taquería

The promotion is open for April, May and June, so you don’t have to eat it all at once. Which is a good thing because I assume each punch will cost you roughly 90 minutes in line.