The Nats have clinched a playoff berth, and yet the question of how to get Metro riders home from those 8 p.m. playoff game starts remains unanswered.

Verizon Center officials arranged for the Metro to stay open late for concert goers who ventured into Chinatown to see Madonna on Sunday and Monday night. After collecting a $29,500 deposit, WMATA reimburses venues like Verizon Center — and proud owner Ted Leonsis — for riders who use the late-night service. According to a tweet from the official WMATA account, the actual cost to Verizon Center for making the Metro available to their patrons on Sunday will be $1,472.

Makes the Nats’ lack of action look kinda silly, huh?

According to DCist’s calculations, if 5,504 riders take the Metro home after a late Nats game, the team would break even after WMATA’s reimbursement. Virginia Gov. Bob McDonnell thinks that we should pass the hat to cover the cost if they don’t.

“We don’t want everyone stranded,” McDonnell told WTOP. “We do want to try every way possible to make sure...that service is available.”

“Maybe if everyone contributes a little bit,” he continued, “we’ll be able to get this done.”

A spokesman for Maryland Gov. Martin O’Malley said that using government funds is “something we would explore.”

“Maryland is always happy to work with its federal, [Virginia], and D.C. partners to explore improving Metro service,” spokesperson Raquel Guillory told the Examiner. “We’re all looking forward to an Orioles vs. Nationals World Series.”

If the public ends up bailing the Nats out and paying for a service that others pony up for without complaint, the Lerners will look even sillier than they do right now.


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