According to a release from Levy Restaurants, which runs the Nats Park concessions, the new items will include:

* Meatball Mania, “a new spin on an old fan favorite” which will feature six meatballs on a skewer, two each of “traditional beef meatball with marinara, chicken meatball with green chile verde, and Thai pork meatball with ginger-soy barbecue.” See picture to the right. And no, “Meatball Mania” is apparently not a tribute to Jason Marquis, although that would have been fun.

* Gourmet snacks with a variety of flatbreads.

* Maryland-style lump crab pretzel.

* A variety of sliders.

* The Thai Chili burger.

* Crispy potatoes with assorted toppings.

* New Mac & Cheese dishes.