(Pat Sullivan/AP)

So it was in the bottom of the ninth inning Thursday night. Many D.C. sports fans were likely in the sack already, resting from a quarter of RGIII and nearly nine innings of the Nats. Many D.C. sports fans thus missed learning a few things about how baseball players store their equipment.

If that was you, I’ve got you covered. And many thanks to Reader Adam for refusing to keep this one private. It just helps me feel even more Nuts about the Nats.

It all began when Drew Storen got in a spot of trouble. Steve McCatty called out to the ‘pen for help.

“And Tyler Clippard has gotten up out of his chair, and is windmilling that right arm, and is about to get a ball from the ball bag,” Slowes said, and then paused. “That’s where they keep the balls, Dave,” he explained. “The ball bag.”

And we’re off.

Jageler: How about Storen dials up a double-play right here, and then Clippard can put the ball back in the ball bag?

Slowes: That would be nice. Then they can pack the ball bag for the truck to the airport for the plane to Phoenix. The ball bag goes with us. The 1-1. Swing and a miss, and the count’s 1-2. I bet a lot of folks don’t know that teams travel with their own balls, and bags of balls, for batting practice and for the pitchers.

Jageler: Bring it with you, wherever you go. We travel with our own headsets.

Slowes: That’s right. Tools of the trade. 1-2. Here’s the set, the kick and the pitch.

[Storen got a double play, the Nats won, Curly W, etc.]

Jageler: And Tyler Clippard can put that ball in the ball bag, and the ball bag can be put on the truck to go on the plane to Phoenix, as the 5-4-3 double play was summoned.

Slowes: Indeed it was. They’re high-fiving and fist-pumping and celebrating a victory here at Minute Maid Park in Houston, and a four-game sweep of the Astros. We’ll come back with final totals, and then the wrap-up show.

Jageler: And then we’ll put our headsets in Jack’s cases, to get on the plane, to go to Phoenix.

Slowes: The headsets go in the headset box.

Jageler: And now the bell can go back in the bell box back in the studio. We can all pack up and go home.

Slowes: Right now we’re gonna take a commercial break.

There seemed to be an undercurrent of merriment during much of this. Not sure why.