Washingtonian’s July issue was the Best of Washington extravaganza. The first item was Best Bubble Gum, which is not necessarily a Washington-specific thing, not when the choices are Bubble Yum, Dubble Bubble and Big League Chew.

The Washington-ness was thus supplied by the Nats’ bullpen, whose members tested the different gums for their bubblehood and posed for a lot of photos. Oh, and talked about gum.

“I put 33 pieces of gum in my mouth,” Todd Coffey 19953. “That’s the record.”

“If I’m not chewing seeds or chewing gum, I feel lost,” Tyler Clippard said.

Five gums were tasted; Bubble Yum and Dubble Bubble won. And Vincent Ricardel got a lot of photographs of baseball players blowing bubbles.