(Via Nats Enquirer via MASN.)

“Today shows how far we’ve come as a team, and that we’re on the way up and we’re gonna be in a playoff race soon,” Ross Detwiler said.

It also meant the Nats were now 74-79. Through 153 games, the team’s records the past few years have looked liked this: 65-88, 52-101, 58-95, 68-85, 67-86, 78-75. That means this team is closer to the magical 2005 team’s record on this date than to any of the teams since.

That’s all filler, though, before Tuesday’s most important news: members of the Nats bullpen apparently messed with the lottery number payouts at Citizens Bank Park, making them wildly inaccurate. According to Nats Enquirer, from where this image is taken, the true payouts were $25 million and $75 million as of Tuesday. (Powerball remains $25 million as of this writing, while Mega Millions is up to an estimated $86 million.) Where the Nats relievers came up with a few spare giant lottery payout digits would be a great question to ask them.

(Via Nats Enquirer)