The Nats haven’t stopped winning since our last television update, and their television ratings haven’t stopped going up.

Through last Thursday’s games, the team’s broadcasts on MASN, MASN2 and DC50 have averaged a 2.52 household rating in the D.C. market. That works out to about 59,500 homes, and is an increase of 75 percent over last season’s year-end average.

Equally impressive, the team’s ratings have gone up every month this season. Ratings in the first week of September, for example, were higher than in the month of August, which had higher ratings than July, and so on.

The Orioles, meanwhile, are averaging a 4.60 rating in the Baltimore market for broadcasts on MASN, MASN2 and WJZ. That’s an increase of about 44 percent over last year’s year-end average. It’s equal to about 50,500 homes in the Baltimore market.

Also, last Thursday’s Yankees-Orioles broadcast earned a 9.5 household rating in the Baltimore market, making it the highest rated Orioles game on MASN in the network’s history.


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