The Nats recently squeaked by the Braves in average home attendance this season, and now rank 14th in Major League Baseball and second in the NL East.

But even with healthy home crowds at Nats Park the rest of the way, it’ll be tough for the team to rise much higher in those attendance rankings. The teams that annually dominate the attendance rankings are the teams with massive season-ticket bases, ensuring huge (announced) crowds on chilly April evenings, and rainy May nights, and sweltering July afternoons.

Well, the Nats are wisely leveraging their 2012 success to drive up their 2013 season ticket base. A friend of mine passed along this e-mail from a Nats account executive, which was sent out Tuesday morning.

Hope you’ve been doing well, and have had a chance to make it out to Nats Park this season! I wanted to give you a heads up as a former Season Ticket holder because later this week the Nationals will begin offering fans the chance to sign up early for 2013 season tickets, with access included for 2013 season-ticket holders to purchase 2012 playoff tickets as well.

Partial Season (21-game), Half Season (41-game) and Full Season (81-game) plans for 2013 would all qualify for 2012 playoff rights.

Since this will be one of the only ways for those who aren’t currently season-ticket holders to purchase playoff tickets, this promotion is sure to be quite popular and probably short-lived. Since you’re a former season ticket holder with the team, I wanted to check in and see if you’d like me to add you to my personal waiting list to reach out to as soon as this opportunity becomes available.

At the risk of cheerleading, I’d guess this promotion actually will be quite popular. And that next year’s season ticket base will be quite a bit larger than this year’s.


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