(Image courtesy the Nationals.)

For example, these are the uniforms and hats the team will wear. Approve approve approve.

Washington, of course, defeated the New York Giants in that 1924 series. (Shirley Povich recap here.) The Giants will also be wearing throwbacks on the night, though I’m not sure exactly what those will look like.

There will be other atmospheric touches around the ballpark meant to create a throwback vibe, including special gear for the ushers and grounds crew. Also, the team will be handing out scorecards inspired by the 1924 World Series scorecard, seen below. Note that “Base Ball” will be two words, as in the original; it’s not a typo.

The night is presented by WB Mason, which will also be handing out replica trucks to the first 15,000 fans.

The Nats have worn Homestead Grays Negro League throwbacks at least four times in the past; I’m not quite sure that they’ve ever done 1924 Senators throwbacks.

Update: As a commenter notes, the Nats wore 1936 Senators throwbacks in San Diego last summer.

By the way, here’s how that Povich piece referenced above ended:

In Griffith Stadium the crowd catapulted out of the stands to thrash onto the field and to dance on the dugout roofs, refusing to leave the park until long after nightfall.

The next day, of course, it was up Pennsylvania Avenue toward the White House for the World Series champions, the streets lined by tens of thousands. The city’s joy was best expressed, perhaps, by the enthusiasm of the men on the hook-and-ladder float of the Cherrydale, Va., Fire Department, which flaunted a huge banner that read: “Let Cherrydale Burn.”

I want to go to a dang parade.