For several years, the Nats have lobbied for members of their Wounded Warriors softball team to get a place in the MLB celebrity game, played in the run-up to the All-Star game. This is the same softball team that annually humiliates a bunch of my D.C. sports media colleagues at Nats Park, and if they’re good enough to pound Mike Wise, they’re good enough to pound Jon Hamm.

Well, the Nats succeeded this year, and two members of that team — Saul Bosquez and Matt Kinsey — were on the roster for Sunday night’s game. (It was broadcast on delay after Monday’s home-run derby.) Kinsey wound up going 3-for-3, hitting a three-run homer, hugging Jennie Finch at home plate and winning game MVP honors. And he also wound up on Gio Gonzalez’s list of All-Star memories:

[Gonzalez] said one of his favorite moments was watching Wounded Warrior softball player Matt Kinsey, who threw out the first pitch at a Nationals game last week, hoist the MVP trophy at the end of the celebrity softball game.

“I told him to hit two home runs,” Gonzalez said. “I didn’t tell him to win the MVP! That guy needs to throw out the first pitch again.”

Bosquez, meanwhile, also went 3-for-3, and told the Nats Web site that “Besides the birth of my son, this has been one of the greatest experiences of my life. We’re so proud to be here and to wear the Curly W.”

Kinsey got at least two standing ovations from the crowd: before his first at-bat, and after winning the MVP award. The above video shows the first ovation. The below video shows the home run.