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* Through 28 games, the Nats are averaging 28,335 fans per home game. That’s 30 percent higher than the first 28 games last season, representing an increase of more than 6,600 fans per game. It’s the third-highest percentage increase in home attendance in baseball, behind the Marlins (new stadium) and Tigers.

And that increase, obviously, will go up a bit more after these next three games.

* The Nats are currently 16th in MLB in attendance, according to ESPN.com. They haven’t finished that high since 2005, when they averaged more than 33,000 fans and finished 11th, again according to ESPN.com.

* Four of the 10 best-attended games in Nats Park history have happened this season: May 19 vs. Baltimore (second), May 20 vs. Baltimore (fourth), June 2 vs. Atlanta (ninth) and April 12 vs. Cincinnati (10th). I’m guessing that list, too, will be different after these next three games.

* The 400 or so “Grandstand” seats in Section 401 and 402, which typically go for $5 per ticket on game day, are being sold for $15 for this weekend’s games, which are designated as “marquee” games. These are the only three “marquee” games of the season. That was announced before the season, although I never noticed. The Grandstand seats go on sale 2.5 hours before game time, and are limited to one per customer.

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* The team is also selling standing-room tickets for this series, a practice it started for high-demand games during Stephen Strasburg’s rookie season. It’s not a rare thing, but not an every-game thing either. Those tickets cost $25, are limited to two per person, and are available at the box office only.

* Strasburgers, those 8-pound monsters, will be available at Friday night’s game.

* Also this week, came this: “Due to high demand and expected capacity, extra seating has just been released for the Nationals June 15-17 series vs. the New York Yankees. Individual suite tickets available while supplies last.”

Party Suite tickets are available for $125 per seat, although those appear to be gone already. Jefferson Suite tickets are available for $175 per seat. Washington Suite tickets are available for $250. As of this writing, there was more availability for Sunday’s game than for Friday’s or Saturday’s.

* Also as of this writing, the cheapest tickets through the team are $100 for Friday night, and $175 for Saturday and Sunday, not counting the Grandstand or standing room tickets. None of the games are technically sellouts just yet.

* On StubHub, tickets start at $54 for Friday, $50 for Saturday, and $49.99 for Sunday. But those are for singles by and large. Two seats together will run you about $10 more, in general.

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