The team’s Opening Day broadcast earned a 2.71 rating in the D.C. market, good for about 65,000 households. That’s about 65 percent higher than the Opening Day ratings in 2010.

Through three games — all against the Braves, two in the afternoon — the Nats were averaging a 2.43 rating in the D.C. market, good for about 58,000 households. That’s a 96 percent increase from the first three games in 2010.

How does this compare to MASN’s other baseball property, the O’s? Well, the Orioles’ ratings in Baltimore predictably smash the Nats’ ratings in D.C. Opening Day earned a massive 12.0 rating, good for 133,000 Baltimore households, and the first four games averaged a 7.7, good for 85,000 households.

As for the Orioles ratings in D.C., they’re strong, but behind the Nats. The opener got a 1.34 rating in Washington, good for about 32,000 households. The first four games averaged a 1.6, good for about 38,000 Washington households.