Much of the talk among distraught NBA fans in this area has concerned substituting Caps hockey for Wizards basketball this fall. (See, for example, Washingtonian’s “Locked Out Wizards Fan’s Guide to the Capitals,” and RMNB’s “NBA Lockout Turns Wizards Fan Into Caps Fan.”)

But, of course, locked-out basketball fans could instead turn to college basketball during the long dark nights of November and December, and the U.S. Naval Academy would like to service that audience. From the athletic department’s Web site:

The Naval Academy Athletic Association has announced that Navy Basketball will run a special promotion during the months of November and December for both men's and women's games in Alumni Hall. All fans that show an article of clothing, program or ticket stub with a professional basketball team logo on it will get in to Navy Basketball games for the group rate of only $3 a person.

To receive the $3 ticket rate, fans can show an article of clothing, game program or old ticket stub with a professional basketball team logo on it at the Alumni Hall Box Office on game day. This promotion will run from the beginning of the Navy Basketball season until the return of professional basketball or December 31st, whichever comes first.

No word on whether the Navy games will also feature a man in blue spandex dunking mini-basketballs, and/or Andray Blatche running around with Chipotle burritos.