After doing 500 items about Maryland’s state pride Under Armour football uniforms, seems only right to devote at least one post to the Nike Pro Combat Navy uniforms that will be used at the Army-Navy game this year.

“We are modern warriors,” says the ad above. “We sacrifice everything but honor. We will not be tread upon. We anchor a nation. We endure until we triumph. We are the power of the sea.”

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There’s a huge gallery of the new outfits here (some highlights are below) and the school posted some information on its athletics site. Excerpts:

The uniform features the legendary Naval phrase “Don't Tread on Me” which is visible throughout the uniform, both on the back inner collar as well as the upper sock. The time-tested Navy anchor is also prominent on both the front collar and pant leg.

Navy is known for its classic white gloves and dapper style, so the Nike Pro Combat gloves are predominantly traditional white. These interlocking gloves provide a stunning anchor visual for Navy, sure to strike fear in their Army opponents when they fittingly clash in our nation's capital on December 10.

The technologically advanced Nike Pro Combat system of dress features a baselayer exemplifying the Navy Jack featuring a snakeskin look with a new modern interpretation. This first Navy Jack harkens back to the one-year anniversary of 9/11 when all U.S. Navy ships flew the flag to honor those who were lost. Additionally, the rattlesnake features 13 layers representative of the original 13 colonies