In the spirit of such a transition, Mike Wise decided to ask Nene a few JaVale McGee-flavored questions during his 106.7 The Fan radio show on Tuesday.

Like, Wise asked Nene if he would ever throw an alley-oop to himself off the backboard when his team was down by 20. (Audio below.)

“Definitely no,” said Nene, who did not seem to know at first that these were JaVale-flavored questions. “First of all, I’m not gonna think to throw nothing, man. I’m probably gonna think to throw the chair because I’m gonna be so mad.”

Right answer. Then Wise asked Nene if he would dunk two balls in one leap during a dunk contest.

“Oh come on,” Nene said. “You know, I can dunk one ball, I can’t imagine dunking two, man. One for a time.”

Right answer! And finally, Wise asked Nene if he would ever run back on defense while his team still had the ball. And here Nene laughed.

“Probably if I do that I need to do drug test,” he said.


Then, Wise asked Nene about JaVale himself.

“Man, his highlights the bomb on the internet right now,” Nene said. “You know, he’s got more fans from highlights on the internet than in the game.”


(Speaking of the JaVale-Nene comparison, Ted Leonsis published an interesting blog post Wednesday morning, which included this sentence.

Nene is under contract — he is secure — he is all about team success now — not about individual stats — this is what I am most excited about — a return to fundamental team oriented basketball. 

Not subtle.)

In more serious matters, Holden Kushner asked Nene whether he could help Andray Blatche’s game.

“Yes, yes, we gonna do everything what we can,” Nene said. “You can change a lot of things, man, when you have dedication, love, patience. That is not only with him, but other young players, about the game. They can develop, and when you see the team’s getting better, you get better too. You want to make part of the group and how it is.

“When you’re doing everything ok, other players want to influence and do good things too. That’s what I believe....I know sometimes the bad things come [before] the good things. That’s what I believe in. That’s what I work for.”

And John Wall?

“He’s amazing,” Nene said. “He’s amazing. I compare him to Ty Lawson, because both is young and very talented. The athleticism is unbelievable, and he can learn a lot of things. I think we gonna do really well. He have the winning spirits.”