1) I love uniform stories.

2) The return of the old-school cartoon bird head hearkens back to an era when the Orioles were good, and, more importantly, when they were Washington’s team.

3) I’m sick of writing depressing things about the Redskins.

And thus, via MLB.com
* “The 2012 cartoon bird head is a new design, utilizing elements from both the 1970 and 1983 versions. It will replace the ornithologically-correct bird on both the home and road caps.”

* “For the first time since the 1992 season, the Orioles will wear an orange jersey for select home games.”

* “In honor of the 20th Anniversary of Oriole Park at Camden Yards, each of the club’s jerseys will feature a patch on the right sleeve commemorating the anniversary.”

* “On the road uniforms, the “Baltimore” script on the road jerseys has been restyled, featuring a less severe angle and the removal of the tapering effect of the letters.”


(Images via @darrenrovell and @kerzelpete.)