But nationally, there’s another quarterback on the Redskins who attracts a bit more attention. That would be Donovan McNabb, who recently checked in at No. 100 on the NFL Network’s player poll about the best players in the league, circa now.

To repeat, actual NFL players have voted McNabb the 100th best NFL football player as of this very moment. I don’t have the rest of the list — and McNabb is the only Redskin to appear thus far — but I’d bet my next paycheck that neither Rex Grossman nor John Beck will finish ahead of McNabb. Jason La Canfora, in fact, isn’t convinced Beck would finish in the top 1,000.

To me — and, I’d guess, to anyone else who watched 16 Redskins games last fall — this is a shocking result. Sure, the Redskins were terrible last season, and it wasn’t McNabb’s fault, but I’m not sure I’d rank him among the 100 best Redskins. To others, though, this was a no-brainer. Here are some quotes, taken from the Top 100 video, the outtakes video and the reaction video.

Brian Westbrook: “I could say he’s in the top 10 of the NFL....You look at Donovan’s numbers and they kind of speak for themselves...Just his ability kind of speaks for itself, the things he has done, the places he has taken teams to — NFC championship games, Super Bowls. Just not any quarterback can do that....He’s still very mobile, he still has a rocket for an arm, he still is a leader, and that’s the most important thing. As far as any teammate can be concerned, that’s all you can ask for, somebody to be an example at all times, on and off the field, and a leader, and Donovan is. He’s definitely justified in the top 100 list.”

Eagles Offensive Coordinator Marty Mornhinweg: “Ultra talented, that’s first. He has tools that most people just can never dream about having: the strength, the power, the quickness, juke and jive, make defenders miss, and a big big cannon-type arm...He’s a winner. He’s won at a high level on a really consistent basis over a long period of time, play after play after play, and in many cases game-winning type plays. ”

London Fletcher: “He throws one of the prettiest deep balls in the game. Great leader. Very professional.”

Solomon Wilcots: “I think he should be ranked much higher than where he checks in on this list at 100. I think he’s much better than that...He should be ranked, I think, much higher on this list...I still think he’s got game. I still think he’s better than 100. But the most recent memory, it’s not so beautiful.”

Jamie Dukes: “If he played the way he played in Philly, he would have been in my top 30....There are players who feel, as I do, that he still has game, found himself in a bad situation, so the question becomes the next home.”

Kurt Warner: “I’m a little bit surprised that Donovan McNabb is in the top 100, if you base it solely on what he did in 2010, his first year in Washington....But if you look at his body of work, if you look at his career and everything that he’s accomplished...I think [he’s] one of the best quarterbacks to ever play this game, so from that standpoint, total body of work, I don’t think there’s any question he belongs in the top 100.”

Greg Cosell: “Not that long ago seen as top 20. Have skills deteriorated, or was he always a function of a good team? McNabb never difficult evaluation for me. Streaky + erratic due to inconsistent accuracy. Random element to his play made him week to week. Footwork lazy, plus tendency to lock his front leg as he delivered. Negatively impacts balance, + accuracy. Never got that corrected.”