One thing we’ve learned is that Nick Sundberg is perhaps the Redskins’s biggest character. Which is not what you usually think when you think “long snapper.”

A week after declaring, “I don’t think there’s a better long snapper in the world,” Sundberg — the man of the massive back tattoo and history of tasing himself — decided to crash the Slip ‘n Slide ride during the team’s Family Day celebrations.

Very important and serious Redskins video restrictions prevent The Washington Post from embedding on-site long snapper Slip ‘n Slide footage here, but you can go to to watch Sundberg’s wild ride.

“You hit the camera!” some child yelled out in alarm after Sundberg’s dismount.

“CHAMPION!” he screamed, raising his arms.

“You didn’t break it right?” the kid asked.

“No, we’re still good,” Sundberg said. “I just splashed the camera guy.”

That would be CSN’s Mitch Tischler, the real hero of this clip.

And honestly, I never thought we’d see a non-Jim-Zorn-Redskins-Slip-’n-Slide clip.