Graham Gano shows off a Nick Sundberg-tied tie. (Photo via Stewart W. Small)

“Did you know there’s an app that teaches you how to tie a tie?” asked long snapper Nick Sundberg, who said he tied the ties of close to 20 players before the luncheon.

“I think a lot their wives do it for them. Some guys just keep it tied all the time,” Sundberg explained to me. “A lot of young guys didn’t know which knot to do with the collar that they had. If you got a wide collar, you’re supposed to go with a fat knot; if you got a skinny collar, you’re supposed to go with a skinnier knot.”

How did an NFL long snapper become such a fashionista?

“I had a girlfriend in college who was adamant that I should dress appropriately. She really got me right when it came to dressing up for games,” said Sundberg, who admitted he also got some help from his mom.

“My mom printed out a how to tie a double Windsor — actually, all of [the knots] — and gave it to me and we went over how to do it,” he said. “And when YouTube came out, I got a lot better at it.”

Kicker Graham Gano, who was one of the players needing assistance, offered his own explanation for why so many teammates looked to Sundberg for help.

“It might not be that guys don’t know how — it’s just that Nick’s so good at tying ties,” he said.

As for Gano, he admitted that he just didn’t know how.

“I don’t have to wear them that often,” Gano said. “I really never wear them. But I got a bunch the other day, so I’m going to learn how. I’m gonna go on [YouTube] and learn so I don’t have to ask him anymore.”


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