Still, before we move on, one last Sundberg note. A few people asked how, exactly, he broke his left arm during that blocked punt at the end of Sunday’s first half. Sundberg explained exactly what happened during an appearance on Run TMC Sports.

“They brought 10, so it was a heavy rush, I guess you could say,” Sundberg said. “It was an overload right, so there were six guys on the right side, four on the left. One of the six guys, the closest to me, looped to the left to make it a balanced look. The guy next to him kind of hit me right in the face, and when he did, I threw my arm out there to kind of get a piece of the guy that was looping, who was [Reed Doughty’s] guy.

“When I did, I guess my arm got in front of his helmet, and he was still going. So as Reed was stepping up, I threw my hand out, got in between his helmet and Reed’s helmet. Somehow the momentum of his helmet hitting my arm backwards and Reed stepping up and my arm hitting Reed’s facemask broke my arm.”


Sundberg said as he walked off the field, he tried to convince himself that his arm really wasn’t broken. The team’s medical staff, though, saw him holding his arm and asked what was wrong.

“I told them it was broken,” Sundberg said. “They were like, Oh, I don’t know, it might not be broken. And I was like, ‘All right, listen, I can feel it clicking. I’ve done it before. When I move my hand this way, the bone’s moving. It’s broken.’ ”


Sundberg also said that offensive linemen frequently make fun of long snappers for not being real players, but that Washington’s offensive linemen seemed to give him an extra measure of respect on Sunday. Now the hosts were egging him on, but still, this is what he said.

“After it happened, I was walking to the net and a couple of [linemen] grabbed me and they were like, hey, is it really broken? I was like yeah. They were like Wowww. No big deal or anything, is what I said. I kind of flexed real quick.”


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