Anyhow, going through some career-regular-season-games-played stats, I started to realize that Andray Blatche and Nick Young and even JaVale McGee are no longer people who have passed through this town during their professional career; they’re Washington pro sports mainstays. People, theoretically, will be talking about them years from now, when they remember this era of Wizards basketball.

Don’t believe me? I just went back and totaled the regular-season-games-played-in-Washington for a number of notable Bullets and Wizards over the last two decades. This list isn’t comprehensive, but it’s kind of amazing.

If Blatche stays healthy this year, he’ll have played more games in Washington than Antawn Jamison or Calbert Cheaney.

If Young stays healthy, he’ll have played more games in Washington than Rod Strickland, Caron Butler or Gilbert Arenas.

If McGee stays healthy, he’ll have played in more games in Washington than Kwame Brown, Jahidi White or Gheorghe Muresan.

Like ‘em or not, these are our Wizards icons. See below.

(And yes, I basically made up this entire post so I’d have an excuse to highlight Nick Young’s hair.)

Brendan Haywood 579

Harvey Grant 508

Juwan Howard 464

Chris Whitney 463

Calbert Cheaney 424

Antawn Jamison 421

Andray Blatche 383

Ledell Eackles 387

Etan Thomas 373

Gilbert Arenas 357

Caron Butler 310

Rod Strickland 304

Nick Young 295

Tracy Murray 280

Gheorghe Muresan 276

Jahidi White 256

Jared Jeffries 256

Kwame Brown 253

Jarvis Hayes 226

JaVale McGee 214

Chris Webber 212