Clearly it must have been devastating when Gilbert was traded and the two were separated. Thanks to the fortune of the Grizzlies-Clippers playoff series, the pair have been reunited.

 If this article is any indication, the reunion is nothing short of poetic.

For hours Arenas and Young hang out, rekindling a friendship that was unceremoniously torn apart. They don't do much. They watch television. They watch game film. And they talk trash. Arenas feeds Young disinformation ("We're going to double you here") and Young ("What do you know? You play like 10 minutes a game") fires back. When they are hungry, they go eat. When they want to shop, they go to the mall. When they want coffee, they go to Starbucks together.

 "Gil is like my family," Young said. "His sons call me 'uncle.' It's been really good to see him."

 Said Arenas: "He keeps telling me I'm going to get him into trouble if the coaches see him with me. But that's who we are. We're friends."

Then they grab brunch, maybe go antiquing.  It’s all very romantic.

Young is also the 3,458th to leave the Wizards and brag about their new team’s “winning environment.”

"Being here is like a new birth," Young said. "It's a new environment, a winning environment. It's a chance to start my career over. We had some good times in Washington. But all the losing and the things that happened off the court kind of messed things up."

Sure, that. Also, shooting 40 percent from the field didn’t help.