The flashiest weirdlight from Washington’s loss to the Kings on Wednesday night was the JaVale McGee volleyball goaltend, but the play that seemed to make Randy Wittman even angrier was this Nick Young missed 360-degree reverse layup, seen above.

“We got guys going in for a layup and does a reverse 360 and misses the whole thing,” the coach said, via SB Nation DC. “Crowd oohed and ahhed — we didn’t get any points out of it.”

“I did that in the past,” Young told reporters. “If it goes in, everybody’s on my side. If I miss it then it’s a bad shot.”

In fact, he missed, which led PTI to debate which play was more worthy of coach anger, the volleyball goaltend or the missed layup.

“McGee,” Tony Kornheiser voted. “It was such an obvious goaltend. It was so petulant on his part. It was so selfish. He knew it. I mean, it’s on the way down and you’re knocking it out of the arena and he just runs down the court. The other play, you can make fun of Nick Young, but there’s effort involved in that to try to score, right? Some effort?

“What was he doing, a double axle axel?” Mike Wilbon asked of Young. “Is he doing a double axel? There’s no effort. Just go in and use your body and shield it and make a layup. That is Clown University they’ve got going, your team. Nice job by the U, Clown U.”

So I guess everyone won the vote.

(Thanks to Comcast SportsNet for the video.)