(Jonathan Newton/WASHINGTON POST)

I wanted to take the Pats and offer to grow a ‘fro if they lost, while demanding that Young dress as Flip Saunders for Halloween if the Patriots triumphed. Never got that bet in.

Fortunately, many of Young’s followers did place bets. They all, obviously, took the Patriots. And they all lost.

Which means, these are among the things Young’s followers must now do:

* Deliver a McDonald’s/Burger King meal to Young at Verizon Center

* Wash his car (three different followers) 

* Eat 10 hot dogs

* Wear “the pajamas with da feet n them 2 a game”

* Buy Young dinner

* Clean his pool

* Buy a Nick Young jersey (at least two different followers)

* Eat 12 syrup sandwiches in a minute without taking a drink

* Do the Cinnamon Challenge

* Get the “Cassie Cut”

* Wear “a snuggie and some cowboy boots with a doRag 2 the Knicks game.”

Will he collect on these bets?

“Imma have a clean car, pool .. Imma c alot of ppl wear Nick young jersey, we got ppl eatin hot dog & syrup sandwichs n a min,” he tweeted after the Giants won. So I guess that’s a yes.

As of this writing, one follower had already pledged to bring Young fast food to Verizon Center on Monday, and another promised to wash his car this summer.