Niles Paul’s obsession with Capri Sun is fairly well documented on Twitter.

Just left Sam’s Club with a bucket of seeds, some fruit snacks, & a month supply of Capri Sun #camplife

— Niles Paul (@Niles_Paul84) July 26, 2012

Can someone attending the Redskins camp bring a cooler full of Strawberry Kiwi Capri Sun!? It will be greatly appreciated #HTTR

— Niles Paul (@Niles_Paul84) July 24, 2012

Make sure not to forget about those Kiwi-Strawberry Capri Suns to those fans attending practice today lol #HTTR

— Niles Paul (@Niles_Paul84) July 26, 2012

After practice on Thursday, I asked Paul if we could talk about Capri Sun for a minute. He reached down into the helmet he was carrying and pulled out a Strawberry Kiwi pouch like some sort of juice magician.

 For brief second I wondered where he kept it during practice, since he hadn’t yet been to the locker room. He laughed and explained that one of the fans saw his tweet and brought it for him.

“It’s what my parents always used to buy me when I was little,” he said of his love of the drink. “At my house I have a refrigerator full of them.”

 He stocked up for camp, but there’s one flavor that isn’t camp worthy.

 “I didn’t get no Strawberry Kiwi’s, though,” he said. “I have a lot at the house and I didn’t want to bring them to the room or up here [to practice] because they’re gonna drink them all.”

 “They” would be his Redskins teammates and his camp roommate, DeJon Gomes.

 Gomes and Paul were roommates at Nebraska, so they’re familiar with each other’s living habits. Paul admits that he, himself, can be difficult.

  “He’s quiet,” Paul said of Gomes. “I’m a bully. I leave the TV on all night, but he’ll be tossing and turning. So finally I’m like, let me turn this TV off and let him get some sleep.”

 I asked Gomes about it and he admitted that it was he, and not Paul, that got a little testy.

 “He shouldn’t feel bad,” he said. “I slept on the bed, he slept on the other bed. When I got tired, I told him to turn the TV off. So, he turned the TV off. So, if anyone’s a bully in this situation, it’s me. And I kind of felt bad because I told him yesterday, ‘You know, you could have left the TV on, I could have slept through it.’”

 Sounds like someone owes someone a Strawberry Kiwi Capri Sun.