DeAngelo Hall recently told Mike Jones it was a good thing that the Redskins have dialed back on the starpower.

“Who needs a guy that you’re going to pay $100 million to if he won’t come out onto the field and play?” Hall asked.

Comes now proof that the Redskins’ individual stars have dimmed, in the source of the NFL Shop’s annual preseason list of the top 25 best-selling player jerseys.

While the dates for these lists sometimes varies, I found links to top 25 sales rankings from April 1 through the summer or fall of the past five seasons. This is only the second time no Redskins player has shown up.

In 2007, Sean Taylor was 24th. In 2008, Chris Cooley was 19th and Jason Taylor was 25th. In 2009, no Redskins player showed up, although the Skins ranked 10th in team merchandise sales. Last year at this time, Donovan McNabb ranked third, and the Redskins as a team were seventh in merch sales.

And this year, there’s not a peep of a Redskins presence, neither in the top 25 individual players list nor in the top 10 team sales list, according to SportsBusiness Daily.

Of course, a big part of this likely comes back to Rex and Beck. Quarterbacks take up 11 of the top 25 slots, including 7 of the top 10. And I haven’t seen many (any?) Grossman and Beck jerseys around town.

The Redskins also are last in team sales in the NFC East, with the Cowboys (3rd), Eagles (5th) and Giants (10th) all in the top 10. The Ravens are 10th, passing the Skins for the first time in at least three years.