(Al Behrman/AP)

He appeared this week on ESPN Milwaukee radio (audio here), and he wasn’t really singing the praises of D.C. as a baseball town.

“Basically, the process was the Nats wanted to get rid of me,” he said, when asked how he wound up in Milwaukee. “And basically, you know, I figure one man’s trash is another man’s treasure, in my eyes. And, basically, it feels good to be in a baseball city, [with] people who understand my game and love just the aggressiveness and the hard work and the hard play I bring.”

By which I assume he’s saying D.C. is not a baseball city. Then he was asked why things went south in Washington.

“I think just some stuff that happened last year, I guess,” Morgan responded. “I’m not sure, just the way I play, I guess it wasn’t ready for D.C., in my eyes.”

The host explained that people in Milwaukee don’t really follow the Nats closely enough to get this.

“I don’t follow them neither,” Morgan said, with his trademarked Tony Plush cackle. “I’ll just plead the Fifth on it. I’m glad to be in Milwaukee now, I’ll tell you that.”

And when asked about being in Milwaukee, he lobbed another grenade at the Nats.

“Just the team camaraderie is unbelievable,” Morgan said. “For me, it’s fun again. And I haven’t been on what, a three-game winning streak for about two years now, so this actually feels unbelievable.”

The 2010 Nationals had eight winning streaks of at least three games, with the last coming in late September. But whatever.

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