(Pablo Martinez Monsivais/ASSOCIATED PRESS)

And I’m not saying he should be a D.C. sports fan.He just pretty clearly isn’t.

When he goes to a Wizards game, it’s to root for the Bulls. When he goes to a Georgetown game, it seems clear that he’s there to see Duke. When he goes to a GW game, it’s to root for the visiting Pac-10 squad. He once talked up Alex Ovechkin while in Russia, but has yet to see a Caps game in person. And when he threw out the first pitch at a Nats game, he famously wore a White Sox hat along with his Nats jacket.

Well, this week came perhaps the first sign of an actual affinity between Obama and a Washington sports entity. After an interview with Nevada’s KSNV, the reporter and the president talked about their shared Chicago baseball history, and then Obama dropped this:

“One of the biggest stars right now in Washington is Bryce Harper, who comes out of Nevada. And I know folks are really proud of him. He’s doing great. And it’s my second favorite team now, after the Chicago White Sox.”

Well...that’s something. And he would be far from the first D.C. transplant to add some Nats lovin’ to an existing American League allegiance.

Although Politico saw a perhaps unseemly underside to the move, running with the headline “Obama jumps on Nationals’ bandwagon.” Look, Politico; he isn’t the only one getting excited.

(Via Nationals Enquirer, which has the video.)