If you missed the life-altering event that may or may not have knocked the earth off of its axis, here’s your roundup of how it happened.

* Our Election 2012 blog has the details on how the “shenanigans” went down.

* If you prefer photos, here it is narrated in image form.

* The incident went from “cute moment” to “Kiss Cam Controversy” in a hurry.

* Who spurned whom in the initial attempt depended on who you asked. Did she reject him? Did he refuse to kiss her? Speculation ensued.

* Perhaps predicting the effect that the awkward moment would have on global interests, POTUS and FLOTUS gave the Kiss Cam another shot. Some were more cynical than others about the second try (Kiss Cam Controversy: The Sequel).

* The White House wisely briefed reporters on the incident this morning, perhaps to prevent additional rumors of a possible impending White House marital split.

Here is the first Kiss Cam attempt:

Here is the re-do: