Look, you’re not unpatriotic if you yell “OH!” It doesn’t make you an awful American. But by claiming the lyrics, if only for a moment, you fundamentally undermine the idea that the song was written to unite instead of divide. A national anthem is a national anthem, not a convenient vehicle for one’s immense pride in his or her team.

Then the Baltimore Sun’s Peter Schmuck responded:

[I] came to embrace it as a combined expression of love for the Orioles, Baltimore and the city’s great history. If you don’t get that and think it’s divisive and borderline unpatriotic, you probably ought to lighten up and worry about something important, like why the Caps are already out of the playoffs again.

Whether or not Real Patriots should shout “Oh!” I hope we can all agree that Real Baytriots sure should.

I’m not sure how long this Old Bay billboard has stood guard near the Ravens and Orioles home fields, but it makes you think of Wise’s column, no?

“OLD BAY is proud to call Baltimore home, and even prouder of our fellow Baytriots – folks who love this town and would do anything to promote and defend it,” reads the Taste of Baytriotism Web site, promoting the first-ever late-June Old Bay-themed Baltimore food festival.

“Select Baltimore-area restaurants will be offering exciting, unique recipes featuring the flavor every real Baytriot loves: OLD BAY,” the site continues. “Some will be creating new entrées with the spice blend; others will introduce desserts and even cocktails! Every restaurant is different, so be sure to visit as many as you can all week long.”


(Photo via @benmwolff)