When Larry Weisman was named Editorial Director of Redskins Media in the summer of 2009, he described the position as “like Manna from heaven” to the Redskins Blog, saying his editorial role was “something that Daniel Snyder really wants; he wants to take a better look at team opponents, at the NFC East, to do things to make this a real football information portal. And that, I think, plays to my skills.”

The early reaction was largely positive; Matt Mosley at ESPN.com wrote that “Weisman’s been a trusted voice on NFL issues for about 30 years,” while several commenters at Extreme Skins praised the hire. Other writers inside the press box, I think it’s safe to say, treated Weisman more like a longtime colleague than a PR operative.

A year and a half later, Weisman is out at the Redskins, let go last week in a move that he indicated on Twitter caught him by surprise. “Blindsided,” was the precise word.

He was often sharply critical of the club; in one of his final pieces, a roundtable discussion on the 2011 schedule, Weisman wrote “I still see the Redskins trailing the rest of the NFC East. I don’t see how the record improves from last year right now.” And also “Every team in the NFC East knows who will line up at quarterback but the Redskins don’t. Until that issue is settled, I cannot be your little beam of sunshine.”

Karl Swanson and Vinny Cerrato were proponents of hiring Weisman; neither man, of course, is still with the franchise. Team spokesman Tony Wyllie said Weisman’s departure was not related to any criticism of the franchise, nor to the NFL lockout. Wyllie also said the team does not comment on personnel issues. Weisman declined to comment.

Weisman, who spent more than 25 years at USA Today before being hired by the Redskins, had better than 6,000 followers on his Twitter account, but it was set up through the Redskins and thus was shut down by the team after his departure. He’s trying to build up a new Twitter base @MrLarryWeisman, and is hoping to continue writing about the NFL.

I wouldn’t necessarily expect him on ESPN 980 any time soon, for obvious reasons, but he’s scheduled to join the Mike Wise Show on 106.7 The Fan on Thursday.

Feel free to leave jokes about big-name veteran talent not working out in Ashburn, if you'd like.

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