I mean, when one team wins by six runs, they get to have the player of the game. Rule of the Universe.

It’s one thing for Orioles fans to vote for their own player even when Josh Hamilton hits four home runs in a game. But MASN is, theoretically, the Nats’ home-town station. So the home team wins in dominant fashion, and their pitcher hits a home run while allowing just one earned run and striking out eight over five innings, and he can’t even get a third of the player-of-the-game votes on his own team’s broadcast?

“Stephen Strasburg, loses big-time to Xavier Avery,” Bob Carpenter said in that joint Nats-O’s booth during the top of the ninth. “You Orioles fans, what, do you have phone banks going up there? A team that’s down 9-3 gets the player of the game? Well, congratulations to Xavier Avery; the people have spoken — those that chose to call in...

“I’m sure if you ask Stephen Strasburg, he’d rather have the W,” Carpenter continued. “But I think what we’ve seen on the phones Friday night and today means the Orioles fans are pretty excited about this team. A lot of people are watching, and a lot of people are voting.”

“Well, they care about their O’s, even though boy, they’ve had a hard stretch,” said Mike Bordick, who was providing the Baltimore color work for MASN over the weekend. “About 15 years of struggling a little bit. They love baseball in Baltimore, and they’re excited about the start that they’re having, both offensively and defensively, putting up some wins. So there’s a buzz up there in Baltimore about baseball, and it’s pretty exciting to be a part of that.”