Yup, for six games this season, the Orioles are offering “a limited number of Eutaw Street Bleacher seats” for $4 each, the price of a bleacher ticket in 1992. The games include two Mondays, a Tuesday, a Wednesday, a Thursday and a Friday. (April 27 vs. Oakland, May 7 vs. Texas, July 24 vs. Tampa Bay, Aug. 9 vs. Kansas City, Aug. 27 vs. the White Sox and Sept. 12 vs. Tampa Bay.)

The specially priced tickets can only be bought online, through the team’s 20th anniversary Web site, CamdenYards20.com. Among that site’s other recently announced features are a Eutaw Street home run tracker, which highlights every homer that has been hit onto Eutaw, with a video for all 57 of ‘em.

Also, we sure are writing a lot about the Orioles lately, aren’t we? Is anyone actually interested in Orioles news here? I think some of you are.