Anyhow, Alex Ovechkin’s post-Game 3 comments, seen in video form below, did not entirely go along with the “Caps were outworked and outplayed” motif that’s emerged from this game.

“It’s kind of situation they have two chances, they score two chances,” Ovechkin said. “Again, I think we dominate them all game. Simple as that. And they just score their chances. They play solid game on defense, Roloson played again great, but it’s not over. It is what it is. So we’re gonna fight and we’re gonna win....Again, we make mistakes, and they used two mistakes and they scored.”

Then someone asked if the series was still winnable.

“It’s not over. We don’t give up. We’re gonna win,” Ovechkin said. “I think we have all three games in our hands but we lost all three. So it’s hockey and it’s life. Again, it’s not over. They win three, we can win three.”