Remember 10 minutes ago when I transcribed Peter King going on PTI to talk about how no one wanted Donovan McNabb? Well, not 24 hours later, ESPN’s Sal Paolantonio went on “Mike and Mike” and agreed with King, saying McNabb is no better than the fourth most appealing veteran QB starter who might available this offseason.

“I heard Peter King yesterday on PTI, and he did leave Kevin Kolb out of that musical chairs,” Paolantonio said. “I think it goes Hasselbeck and Kolb, 1 and 1(a). Where they wind up will determine where the other quarterbacks will go. And we’re all presuming that it could be Seattle or Arizona for Kolb, most likely Arizona, so that knocks another team off the potential list.

“Bulger’s definitely No. 2, I would say, and McNabb, I totally agree, there IS no buzz. And I don’t know why Leslie Frazier has cooled on the idea of bringing him to Minnesota, but I’m hearing the same thing, and I DON’T know where McNabb [goes]....We tried to start a rumor that he would come back here and be Michael Vick’s backup, but that didn’t fly.”

Remember when McNabb was worth two high draft picks a year ago?