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 It took three tries in the loud gym to get Ewing to understand who they were asking about. When he got the message, his response was slightly surprising.

 “Oh, I really don’t know too much about him,” he said, which is a perfectly acceptable answer if you aren’t interviewing for head coaching positions in the NBA.

Ewing, who will reportedly meet with the Trailblazers about their head coaching position, also interviewed with the Bobcats. One would assume that if you’re hoping to coach a team with a top draft pick, you might want to have at least a cursory knowledge of said picks.

Wizards fixture Georghe Muresan was a little more caught up on the team’s third overall choice.

 “Huge player,” he said of Beal. “When we draft him, I say it can be one of the best draft, was this year. We can improve the team with the trade we already have make it. I already see this team looking much better than last two, three years.

 “He’s looking very good in the summer league,” he continued. “So I hope, and this is what I believe, he’s gonna be the best pick of this year. We gonna see in three years.”

 Muresan is also more gracious than I am about Ewing’s lack of draft pick knowledge.

 “There’s a lot of players in college,” he explained. “So he wants to focus more on NBA players because when you coach, you don’t have time to look at a lot of videos. It’s not a big deal.”

Videos of both chats are below. Muresan had more to say, including some words of wisdom for the possibly, but not yet, amnestied Andray Blatche.