* “Talked to Dan Snyder for 45 mins at practice. Seems more nervous 4 BobGriff debut in Buff Thu than when he bought club.”

Now, obviously people are prone to shorten words on Twitter. If I’m counting correctly, though, “RGIII” and “Griffin” are both shorter abbreviations than “BobGriff,” although the latter sounds funnier, I suppose.

* “Different SI assignment as of today,” King later wrote, when describing his Thursday destination. “Need to see Bills+BobGriff game.”

A D.C. fan then asked King to refer to Griffin as “RGIII.”

* “Enjoyed seeing BobGriff today,” King replied. “Lots of BobGriff fans there.”

So “BobGriff” is apparently a thing, inspired by Osi Umenyiora, who famously called RGIII “Bob Griffin,” which is different from “BobGriff,” but nicknames change, you know. Maybe RGIII hasn’t done enough in King’s eyes to earn the Bob Griffin nickname yet.

Oh, but that wasn’t all.

* “Groesbart/Cousins battle for 2d qB,” King also wrote.


“Rex (The Bell Tolls For Thee) Groesbart,” he then clarified.

Since I’m an uncultured Philistine, I had to do some Googling to figure out that this referred to an episode of Seinfeld in which Kramer says “Listen to the bell, Grossbard, it tolls for thee.”

There may also be some sort of allusion to Donne and/or Hemingway that went way over my head. Or maybe not.

Kirk Cousins does not seem to have earned a King-style nickname just yet. Suggestions, I’m sure, are welcome.