I know I’ve already brought you Peter King’s thoughts on Donovan McNabb once this week, but if I’m getting to 7,000 McNabb posts before No. 5 is outta here, I’m going to have to repeat myself a little. Plus, King said even wilder stuff about McNabb during his Tuesday appearance on ESPN’s PTI.

“You know, I’ve heard that the Vikings have cooled on Donovan McNabb,” King said. “And you know, I think it’s gonna be a game of musical chairs. First of all, I think the guy who a lot of people are really interested in is Matt Hasselbeck. Will he go to Tennessee? Will he go to Minnesota? Will he go to Arizona? I think after that domino falls, then we look at Marc Bulger, then we look at Donovan McNabb. It’s crazy to say, based on what’s happened in the last year, but there’s not a lot of buzz out there for Donovan McNabb. For some reason I think he ends up in Miami.”

So we’re looking at Marc Bulger, who’s started eight games the last two seasons, before we look at the six-time Pro Bowler who’s the same age? That seems weird. Then again, I wouldn’t necessarily turn my franchise over to John Beck, so what do I know?