Remember last summer when I wrote 7,000 blog posts featuring people on the radio talking about Albert Haynesworth? Well, I’m going to try to top that number in the next month, except it’s gonna be people on the radio talking about Donovan McNabb.

Specifically, about what team Donovan McNabb will play for next season.

My impression is that no one really knows, but if I just quote 7,000 people with 7,000 opinions, figure someone will be right.

Thus, here’s Peter King, talking to the NFL Network about McNabb’s future.

“I think he’s one of those guys who probably isn’t going to get traded right away like day 1, day 2,” King speculated. “Because I think some of the teams that would be in the market for a quarterback want to see if they can go out and sign one of these other guys, like Matt Hasselbeck, first.

“So I think it’ll be tough for the Redskins to trade McNabb early on. Now, if they release him, that's a whole ‘nother issue. But I think for some reason I kind of see McNabb and Miami as a good fit, just because I think Miami right now, I don't think they want to spend a lot of money. They think that [Chad] Henne still might be the guy, but they want somebody in there. And for a long time I thought it was gonna be Minnesota. But I'm hearing Minnesota’s not as in love with McNabb as we thought they would have been.”

He’s hearing they’re not as in love with McNabb as we thought they would have been. Lockout, ladies and gentlemen, lockout. Lockout lockout lockout.